About Us

Our Story

  • In a global economy, only the best companies stay alive by adopting several approaches to meet with the important challenges posted by their commerce.

  • El-Zenouki group was established in 1964 with the ongoing commitment for continuous researches and development, implementing the most modern and most versatile production lines, as well as complying the best quality control programs which led to an increase in our production capacities.

  • El-Zenouki group, from the humble beginnings, has become a significant contributor to the economic growth of Egypt through its development into a well established group with extensive holdings both locally and beyond boarders in several Middle Eastern and African countries.

  • El-Zenouki group uses the best and latest production technologies worldwide. Also, El-Zenouki group uses the best raw materials cooperating with the largest companies in the world in this field which gave us a remarkable position in the Egyptian and African market. In the meantime, the status of El-Zenouki group in these markets is increasing daily depending on the variety of its distinct products in addition to the high quality and competitive price of these products.

  • As we believe that innovation, development and expansion are some key aspects for success, El-Zenouki group is always investing in order to achieve its main goal which is to be one of the leading kitchenware producers in the world.

  • The group started with El-Zenouki Kitchenware Company which is specialized in producing white aluminum cookware products like pots, fry pans, oven trays, milk pots, casseroles, coffee pots, kettles, etc. In 1999, El-Zenouki group's second company was introduced to the market known as Trueval Cookware Company.
  • Trueval is specialized in producing non-stick cookware with different coating materials which are Teflon, ceramic and granite.

  • Afterwards, a massive expansion was done by El-Zenouki group as a new brand was introduced to the market by 2010 which is Touch El-Zenouki for Electrical Appliances. Finally, El-Zenouki Group launched its latest brand; Zinox El-Zenouki Cookware Company, which was introduced to the market in 2012 and it is specialized in producing stainless steel cookware products.

  • El-Zenouki Group is a family business which is owned and directed by the members of El-Zenouki family.

  • El-Zenouki Group depends on the efforts of the best engineers and highly trained technicians specialized in this field who significantly contributed to the continuously emerging wide range of products. Today, El-Zenouki brand is a byword for quality, in materials, in design, in production methods and in service. A capacity for development and innovation constitute the company’s most precious asset.

  • In today's world and in the open market we are living in, the designs became very similar everywhere. Therefore, we believe that what makes one company unique is to be a pioneer and to take the first step towards an innovation or a new idea and this what makes El-Zenouki Group special.
  • Moreover, we believe that in order to have a competitive advantage over other companies, we have to make the balance between the high quality and the competitive price in order to reach a satisfying result for the consumer which we are always targeting and trying to achieve.

  • Since our products are all related to the kitchen, so we are mainly targeting females. Our wide range of products makes El-Zenouki fitting in any social class. Also, the variety of products offered by El-Zenouki is a great competitive advantage which makes us the first option for any taste.

  • Cooking should be easier and more enjoyable if you are using the right cookware. This is why El-Zenouki Group is always developing and innovating new designs to solve the cooking problems anyone might face. The high quality used by El-Zenouki Group should be saving your money because you will not need to buy new cookware for a long period of time.
  • Our target is to be one of the most prestigious brands that are "made in Egypt" and to achieve a worldwide reputation as a manufacturer of the very finest of cookware. Our wide range of products comprises various design lines that offer the perfect cookware for all needs and any taste, making cooking even more enjoyable every day.

  • Also, one of our main goals is to ensure that our products reach our customers with best quality and prices through professional marketing and sales personnel; trained and specialized not only to meet, but to exceed our customers’ expectations.