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Our Story

AsAs we aspire to be recognized as leading and innovative cookware producers, El-Zenouki Group introduced Master to the market on January 2019. As we believe that our customers’ satisfaction is our main goal, we are always eager to use the latest technology in our production in order to produce the best quality. Master is specialized in producing die-casted aluminum cookware using the latest technology in this field as well as using the highest quality of ceramic and granite coatings.

Product Features:

  • Master’s products are featured by their strong die-casted aluminum construction which makes them suitable for any kind of ovens.

  • Master products’ lids are specialized with an air circulation system to ensure a homogeneous airflow which guarantees that the food would be optimally heated and the energy is saved. A steam hole is integrated to the lids’ knobs which is hidden inside the lid for proper airflow.

  • The base of the products is produced to be safe for induction stoves and it is designed to guarantee an effective heat distribution.

  • Master products’ rims are designed with efficient pouring lips for easy pouring of liquids.

  • All the coatings used in Master are PFOA free to guarantee a healthy life style.